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George McDermott's first speaking engagement as the Republican noTeam Viwer minee for U.S. Congress Maryland's fourth congressional district 2016


Grateful thanks to all of the citizens who voted on 26 April to nominate me as your Republican candidate for U.S. Congress in the 2016 election cycle.

I make this pledge to you and to the Lord Jesus Christ as well as God Almighty and to my running mates Robert Broadus and David Therrien. All of whom have the best interest of America and the future of America as an nation of laws and orders and outlined in our United States and state constitutions. And both David and Robert should be commended for their campaign to educate the citizens of Maryland and for running for public office as is our duty and responsibility I look forward to working with David and Robert in unifying the Republican Party in Maryland and restoring the rule of law and our legislative and judicial bodies.

God has set me on a mission for some reason for the last 30 years, and aiding in this unexpected nomination to run for the United States Congress Maryland fourth congressional district as a Republican to this point I have funded every campaign for public office myself unfortunately this primary cycle because of external I could only scraped together under $1000 to educate my fellow citizens as to the importance of knowing your candidate values and principles before the vote for them.

I personally believe God will provide the resources my campaign needs to achieve the office of US Congressman over the Democratic nominee having run for public office 4 previous times in Maryland’s fourth congressional district as a Democrat I believe my campaign has the substance. The message that change must come and my name recognition in Prince George’s County as an advocate for our disenfranchised citizens God will provide the necessary resources for me continue his work and that of my fellow citizens state of Maryland. Once again I thank you for your support both for myself and for Robert Broadus and David Therrien I hope to work with them district in the Republican Party in Maryland as we all have the same desires set forth by our founding fathers the preservation of this nation. Thank you,

George McDermott as an official candidate for U.S. Congress Maryland’s 4th congressional district and as a previous candidate under the Democratic ticket now ask all citizens to join together for unity of purpose put aside political labels and to vote for and support the candidate to believe will be professing your personal beliefs and who will best guide this country into the future with the benefit of our children and grandchildren and their grandchildren. All Americans must get involved and do their civic duty to make sure that our public servants act in the best interest of the Constitution and declaration of rights and the will of WE THE PEOPLE will okay now know will will you in about 50 minutes all issue entity under front door for me because the fireplace right 1411 11414 okay will you be back home A moment about 630 That this guy got the register. I just don’t okay Mme. Komodo by 630 okay thank you for Docket people

Otherwise we dishonor the sacrifices of our founding fathers and all of those fallen soldiers who have fought to defend our Constitution and declaration of rights and the values we so rightly cherish.

Volunteers needed candidate will be building a new and exciting website and campaign once again thank everyone for your support

A brief history

Born June 12, 1945 in Bowie Maryland one of twelve children of Fred and Margaret McDermott. Orphaned at the age of 13 the eldest of six minor children from three months to 13 years of age.  They were taken in by their 18-year-old sister in New Jersey (Ellen McDermott, now deceased) who kept the family together. She instilled values of honesty and integrity and the importance of education in myself and five younger siblings, as well as raising two daughters of her own. Upon her passing the county named a middle school/high school after her.

In 1964 he moved back to Prince George’s County and married. George and Pat just celebrated their 50th anniversary with their three children and three grandchildren children all who graduated Prince George’s County Public schools and Maryland colleges.

This candidate has been a businessman in Prince George’s County building and developing five businesses before 1997. They grossed over million dollars a year contributing to the economy of Prince George’s County.

McDermott has been a strong advocate of business development in Prince George’s County. At one time he employed 250 primary jobs and leased over 115,000 ft.² of retail space that he redeveloped to enhance the community.

In 1995 he became a victim of the Sapperstein crime syndicate and rogue politicians and lawyers within Prince George’s County Maryland. They stole all of his businesses, destroyed his credit rating and have brought dishonor to the state and county court system. They covered up for corporate fraud to the detriment of the citizens of Prince George’s County and this can be chronicled in 17,000 docket entries in 110 court cases. See attached businesses.

In 1991 McDermott presented redevelopment plans to the then County executive, the GSA and other congressional and Senatorial representatives to relocate 800 federal jobs to the Narrow Rd., Metro state.

Because the theft of his businesses for five dollars (which was never paid) in in 1995 by the Sapperstein crime syndicate and its insiders in the Prince Georges County court system. McDermott has run for clerk of the court and this is the fifth time running for U.S. Congress. This has been a means of educating the public as to what’s going on within our community that illegal unconstitutional and detrimental to the welfare of the state of Maryland and the citizens of Prince George’s County Maryland . Currently the candidate is a semi retired businessman advocating for the constitutional legal rights of our citizens and especially our minor children who are being destroyed by an abusive court system that does not respect the rule of law or our Constitution.

Here are some statistics on the loss to our economy due to judicial abuse and legal terrorism by court insiders and judges controlled by the Gilbert Sapperstein crime syndicate pf Baltimore. Gilbert Sapperstein who never served a day for stealing millions upon millions from the Baltimore city school system and getting pardoned by Gov. Glendenning never to serve a day for his crimes.

In 1980 McDermott and his partners invested $1.6 million in a 56,000 foot health and racquet club

In 1984 he and his partners invested another $2 million in a 50,000 ft.² rollerskating facility

in 1991 candidate in partners invested again in the 13,000 foot hardware store.

In 1991 candidate and his partners presented a 2 billion-dollar redevelopment plan to the GSA and then County executive Paris Glendenning. Which was never realized due to fraud on the courts of the Sapperstein crime syndicate and his family members.

In 1984 1985 businesses controlled by the candidate generated $3 million a year taxable income..

Protected income for the redevelopment plan submitted to the GSA showed construction cost over 15 years $2.2 billion, potential job growth for primary jobs 19,000 permanent 48,002nd day jobs to the community.

Taxable income from rent and related items $2 billion a year

Taxable income to the state and county including property tax $30 million a year

Payroll and sales tax along with tax from the convention center and amphitheaters estimated at approximately $1 billion a year.

All of this was lost for five dollars because of the corruption in the Maryland judicial system. Which has made the candidate a victims rights advocate and children’s rights advocate. A candidate who put his money where his mouth and keeps his word. As demonstrated by the 1.100 + videos on secretjustice.com.